Pet Supplies in Billings, MT

Fish Supplies

Our fish supplies include everything you need to ensure that your fish stays in top condition health-wise and happiness-wise. When you have a pet fish, it can feel like all they need to stay happy and healthy are fish flakes, a tank, and some places to hide. Fish can have many wants and needs outside of the basics, though. Sometimes, you might want to upgrade the tank for your swimming, scaly little buddies so that they have more space to grow and explore. You may also want to get some special decor for your fish tank so that it stands out from the crowd and expresses your style.

Small Pet Food

For pet parents with ferrets, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, and more, getting high-quality small pet food is one way to show your feisty, caged friend that you love them. If you want to get small pet food, we offer different types of food and different brands to suit your pets’ specific tastes. Whether your pets have a picky eating habit, a sensitive stomach, or a need for high nutrition, we provide plenty of different small pet food options for your choosing.

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Pet Supplies

When you have a pet, you probably want to spoil him or her with all of the joys that toys, scratchers, and more provide our animals. Whether you want to enrich your pets’ lives and make them have more fun, or you need to grab some special over-the-counter pet medication to improve their health, we have a bunch of different pet supplies for all kinds of animals. From exotic pet supplies to standard ones, we have you covered.

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Live Food

To keep your snake, lizard, or other pet who requires live food extra happy, we offer a buffet of live food options for your pet. With tantalizing roaches, mice, worms, crickets, and more, we’ll keep your exotic pet’s belly full and content. If you have any questions about what live food we carry, please stop at our store or call today.

Reptile Food

Like any animal, reptiles have specific types of food that they prefer and even need for their overall well-being. That is why we offer a bunch of different types of reptile food. From fresh live food to frozen food, we have a wide selection for your scaly friend.

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