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Patty Rexhausen June 23, 2019

2024-04-06 | 11:01:21

"Buy my bird bulk feed there."
Martha Kegel June 22, 2019

2024-04-06 | 11:01:22

"Nice and clean. Best pet store in Billings by a long shot."
Mike barnes June 19, 2019

2024-04-06 | 11:01:23

"Fun store to walk through if your a animal fan"
Hannah Banks June 16, 2019

2024-04-06 | 11:01:24

"Wonderful little pet store. The employees are always friendly, and always help me find anything I need!"
Tanner Jones June 16, 2019

2024-04-06 | 11:01:25

"Always a cool shop to visit"
Beccah C June 5, 2019

2024-04-06 | 11:01:27

"Super awesome store with a very knowledgeable staff. Puppies are reasonable considering most are registered. No shady puppy mill stuff, as the animals are from locally known breeders. Alsoz the focus really seems to be around cleaning up and taking care of the animals. A great family-owned shop. Billings needs more businesses like this."