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Savannah Springfield November 26, 2018

2024-04-06 | 11:01:59

"I didn't go to shop but the staff was very friendly and my son loved all the different animals, especially the dogs and the fish"
Adryan Ayers November 10, 2018

2024-04-06 | 11:02:00

"Animals seem very happy. very clean. Staff went above and beyond to help."
Shane Stephens October 28, 2018

2024-04-06 | 11:02:01

"Very knowledgeable and friendly staff love the free roaming kitties. Found a great dog food there. Red Barn.Best Dog tags and the best cat litter. Prices are comparable to the big box stores and i prefer to shop local anyway and support the city and community I live in"
Julie Loveridge October 25, 2018

2024-04-06 | 11:02:03

"I always love going in this store, ignoring the urge to take all the critters home with me. They took amazing care of me a couple of years ago when they had an outbreak of ringworm in some kitties (hard to detect until it is REALLY apparent) "
Issiaha Romines October 13, 2018

2024-04-06 | 11:02:04

"Great owner always a good place to shop and good prices"
Zach Cutsforth October 7, 2018

2024-04-06 | 11:02:05

"Great pet store"